Morehouse College Student was Shot and Killed Inside of His Car

On Thursday June 13th, 2013 a Morehouse College student was shot and killed inside of his car.  There was also an additional passenger in the car who was shot in the hand. Little information is being released to protect the integrity of the investigation.  The victim that was shot and killed was 23 year old Joseph Gibbs.  This incident has definitely brought campus awareness to the recent crime in the surrounding area.  The President of Morehouse College released a response to the incident.  In his response he confirmed the shooting and murder of a Morehouse students.  He also reassured everyone that the school will be cooperating with the officials to make sure that the investigation is done properly.


Morehouse College response


When I heard of this news I was quickly saddened and my heart goes out to this young mans family.  I am sure that the Atlanta Police Department will do their best in prosecuting the suspect.  I will continue to keep you updated on any new information.

Dr. O

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