Breaking Soul Ties; It Can Be Done! AskDrO Exclusive

A lot of people run into that occasional person that you just can’t seem to get out of your system. No matter how hard you try, they keep coming-up in your psyche, your text-messages and sometimes your e-mails.  You have attempted to not answer the calls or respond, but you always fall back into the “den of evil” and sometimes back in the bedroom again with the person.  What is the problem Dr.O? This is what is called a Soul Tie! A lot of times they form inadvertently and you only discover them after a break-up, extended vacation or outrageous misfortune.

First off, you may ask, “How are they formed?” They can be formed several ways, but in my opinion, SEX, is usally the culprit. If there has be an orgasmic experience this makes the Soul Tie even more powerful and difficult to break. You can also develop Soul Ties by 1) Frequent text and or phone conversations; 2) Frequent dates for lunch, dinner and a movie;  and even 3) Loans, Agreements and Covenants.  The modern day use of BFF could be another pitfall to “Soul Ties.”

Some Soul Ties are not bad, especially when the person has your best interest and the relationship is not chaotic. However, usually, this term is associated with a “relationship gone sour” and one or the other party just can’t seem to let go.

Quick Remedy for the Release of a Possible Soul Tie:

  • Stop the texting and phone-calls. (gradually back-up to none)
  • Return gifts that have strong and significant meaning. (bracelets, rings and Gucci bags)
  • Move back slowly (stay prayerful and meditate daily on scripture)
  • Talk to a therapist (this is good)
  • Repent to God
  • Forgive Yourself
  • Began developing healthier and new relationships.

No, this is not easy and many if us have failed after numerous tries. However, pick up my book, “AM I in a Bad Relationship?” and this will certainly help you accomplish this feat.  Also be sure to check out my other post that goes into detail on how to move on from a bad relationship.

Good Day and Good Luck Breaking the Soul Tie,


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