Was George Zimmerman’s Car Accident Rescue Staged?

By now, if you’re living in America and don’t know who George Zimmerman or Tayvon Martin is, than you’ve clearly been residing under a rock somewhere in the vast U. S. of A. Zimmerman’s defense team may have kept the walls from caving in on him during the trial and sending him to prison for murder but now the not guilty verdict may still cause them to come crashing down after all.

In spite of him killing an unarmed, teen over a year ago, last week Zimmerman was being praised for helping to save a family of four from a car crash, in Sanford, Florida, in close proximity to where Martin was killed. Zimmerman was supposedly one of two people that came to the family’s rescue after their car overturned on a Sanford highway. A noble gesture indeed if it was truly genuine. Unfortunately, now sources are claiming George’s heroic actions to be a hoax. So was the rescue staged for Zimmerman’s benefit to deflect the heat from the verdict?

According to NewsBall Inc., supposedly “Officer Patrick Rehder phone records show he tipped off George Zimmerman” and that Zimmerman “has a police scanner to listen in to any nasty accidents near him in need of a super hero”. Now I know there are conspiracies everywhere with opinions on anything that doesn’t quite add up but this source seems to be connecting the dots pretty well. No one was injured in the wreck and NB also reported that the family was White and no pictures of the actual car crash were released for proof.

As reported by News Ball Inc:

Longtime supporter of George Zimmerman, Officer Patrick Rehder’s cell phone records reveal a text or call to George Zimmerman right after the 5:47 PM crash was called in. This tipped Zimmerman off to the car crash accident & to get there to assist the family before Officer Rehder arrived. Zimmerman, still hiding out in the same neighborhood that he killed Trayvon Martin in, was less than a mile away to jump into action & be a hero with his passive aggressive approach KNOWING that his name on the police report would eventually be made public.

Mmmm. Honestly, I don’t find this hard to believe. It was just a little too convenient for me. The car wreck happened a mile or so  from where Trayvon was killed, no one was hurt and Zimmerman just happened to be driving by to help a week after his trial? Sounds a little fishy to me too.

What do my readers think? Was this a publicity stunt to shine a positive light on Zimmerman?

Dr. O



Picture source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/3046723/posts


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