Overcoming Emotional Over Eating

Overcoming emotional over eating can difficult. A lot of us daily fight the battle of the bulge. However, it seems like many of us are winning. I loss about 100 pounds and gained back 25 but I am still happy with my progress. It is important that we begin to closely look at ourselves at we mature, not get older, and a lot of those bad eating habits that we have obtained over the last several years of our life.

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I have just noticed a couple of really bad habits and I want to share the top ten with you this Friday.

  1. Eating after 7:00 p.m.
  2. Excessive intake of carbonated drinks.
  3. Binge-Eating when on an emotional roller-coaster.
  4. Carbohydrate Craving; hiding chips in the bedroom drawers.
  5. Purchasing small refrigerators for the bedroom.
  6. Buying over-sized clothes to hide the bulges,
  7. Choosign friends that are all over-eaters and size 16+.
  8. Failing to follow-up regular with your primary care doctor after he tells you that you are “borderline diabetic.”
  9. Purchasing a lot of processed food.
  10. Not drinking the daily required 8 glasses of water.


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Courtesy of http://www.medicinenet.com/

Courtesy of http://www.medicinenet.com/

How to Stop Emotional Eating

Identifying emotional eating triggers and bad eating habits is the first step; however, this alone is not sufficient to alter eating behavior. Usually, by the time you have identified a pattern, eating in response to emotions or certain situations has become a habit. Now you have to break that habit.

  1. Developing alternatives to eating is the second step. When you start to reach for food in response to an eating trigger, try one of the following activities instead.
  2. Read a good book or magazine or listen to music.
  3. Go for a walk or jog.
  4. Take a bubble bath.
  5. Do deep breathing exercises.
  6. Play cards or a board game.
  7. Talk to a friend.
  8. Do housework, laundry, or yard work.
  9. Wash the car.
  10. Write a letter.
  11. Or do any other pleasurable or necessary activity until the urge to eat passes.

Source: http://www.webmd.com/diet/emotional-eating









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