Why are Some Church “Saints” So Mean?

This question was asked of me by a innocent bystander new saint who had been talked to sort of rudely at her new church. She was very turned off and actually used her session with me to process this issue.  Check  out what happened to her just last Sunday. She did let me know that she attended a pentecostal church but she would not share which one. She shared a story that went something like this:


“Dr.Owens, I was a little late getting to church but I really  prefer to sit downstairs because I have some difficulty with my nerves. (fear of height) The usher was so rude to me. She actually told me that there were no more seats available when I am sure i could have just squeezed in maybe on a back row or something. She replied, “Sorry Honey, one of our good choirs is singing to day and space is short.” She then pulled the door up almost slamming it  on my foot. My patient then shared I am not sure that I am going back to that place or any church for a while. She further stated, “Worship had really been helping me out with my depression, also.”

Readers I really want you to know that I have never been so embarrassed and I really wanted to query her a little more to find out exactly what place of worship she had attended this past Sunday. Here is the issue, “There are just some nasty people in church.” The organized church really needs an over-haul because many have just lost their values as well as, thirst for souls. What is even worse, this patient is a Cancer survivor. I am sick of church folk with bad attitudes and entitlement to positions. large or small.

I apologized for the “nasty usher” that I don’t even know and I want to just share with you a couple of personal theories I have about “bad attitude” saints.

  1.  Lack of proper etiquette training.

2.  More interested in positions than people, unlike Christ who was concerned about souls..

3.  Lack of balance in their personal lives. (church, church, and more church)

4.  Personally frustrated and  lack of intimacy (if you  can read in-between the lines) in their lives and finally,

5.  Poor spiritual etiquette.


The call to action for this post is simply for Pastors and church leaders, please put your members on notice. Fire and or terminate some of them. Allow them to sit out for a while and learn some manners and most of all Pastors deal with some of the complaints that you have been getting about somme of your members. Rather it  a nasty attitude or a brother lurking on the church grounds trying to pick up a young lady or young man. Don’t sound alarmed. Enough already. Let’s tune back into Kingdom Business and get rid of all the fundraisers, chicken sales, building funds and anniversaries on top of anniversaries.

Let make it once again, “All About Souls!” This should be out first passion.














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