Hey Coffee Drinkers!Want A Healthier Way to Start Your Day?

Organo Gold International is taking the world by storm as healthy, gourmet coffee is introduced as its flagship product. Bringing the treasures of the earth to the people of the world is the message OG wants to share with its customers. “Of the products I’ve consumed I’ve found the taste and other benefits to be wonderful.” Distributor Paula Clarke says.

The flavorful coffees; Latte, Mocha, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Black, King and Cafe Supreme are what consumers are enjoying. The Red, Green and Black teas are also a delicious treat. I fell so in love with the products that I had to find out how to participate as a distributor and share this product with family and friends. After viewing the sales presentation, I was in. You can see for yourself why we’re clamoring about Organo Gold.

Paula Clarke, Consultant

(404) 827-8985

www.ogshow.com or call 916-233-3990 pin 60913#


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