Pool Accident Leaves Usher’s Son In ICU


One year ago, Usher had to do the unthinkable, bury his 11 year old stepson. According to HollywoodLife.com, today he had another scare with his five year old son. Usher Raymond V. Usher V was playing in the pool with his aunt when he saw a toy at the bottom of the pool. He reportedly swam to the bottom to retrieve the toy and somehow got his arm caught.

After his aunt and maid were unable to free him, two men working on the house came to their aide. They got the child free and administered CPR. He was then rushed to the hospital. The 37 year old singer was not home when the accident happened, but did arrive in time to ride in the ambulance with his son. Doctor reports released by TMZ, are stating that the child is expected to “be ok”.

Summer is supposed to be a time for day time tanning, cookouts, family vacations and warm crisp nights. Everyone enjoys a good game of pool Marco Polo, but pools can also be very dangerous. According to poolsafely.gov, nearly 300 children drown each year in pools and spas and thousands more are hospitalized as a result of close calls. The site lists seven tips that help make pool enjoyment safer.

Step 1. Supervision

Step 2. Fencing

Step 3. Pool and Spa Covers

Step 4. Alarms

Step 5. Safety Drain Covers

Step 6. Swimming Lessons

Step 7. Learn CPR

Visit your local pool supply retailer for covers, life vests and flotation devices to help with safety. For more information, visit www.poolsafely.gov.


Photo credit: http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/08/06/usher-son-hospitalized-pool-accident-icu/

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