OMG!!…Gospel Artist Kevin Terry’s Alleged Sex Tape Released

Another one bites the dust.  Just recently a video of gospel singer Kevin Terry has been released allegedly performing oral sex on another man.


There are currently no remarks about the incident on Kevin’s personal twitter page:

Kevin Terry Twitter page


Having your dirty laundry aired for everyone to see and being rejected are never the best times in anyone’s life. Maybe you’re thinking, he’s gay so what? Just accept it and move on, but the truth is that we may be able to accept it before he does. According to Health AM, during a study, 10 percent of males who had only had sex with other males within a year’s time, claimed they were “straight” and of the “337 survey respondents who’d had sex with another man, almost 73 percent still identified themselves as straight”.

Here are some questions to ask yourself


  1. What is your take on this act?
  2. How do you think his career will be affected
  3. Do people even really care?
  4. What does “Hollywood” gain from exposing his ex-lover?
  5. Would you stop being your favorite sports players fan if you found out they were homosexual?


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