Guess Whose Coming to Dinner? Your Fourteen Year Old’s Legally Grown Boyfriend!

Parents, I need your input on this one! I know that many of my readers have different parenting styles so I’d love to hear your take on this. When you’re grown and out there living life, exploring different relationships and people, many take on the attitude of “age aint nothing but a number”. There will hardly be any fuss over a 25 year old woman marrying/dating a 30 year old man or a forty year old man marrying/dating a 43 year old woman. A few years older or younger isn’t much of an issue when you start getting up in age.

BUT, when you’re fourteen and dating someone 18, 19, 20 21 plus, some may find an issue there. I’m sure all of you are familiar with A-lister Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and the many credits under her belt. But did you know that during her young teenage years 14-16 she had a live in boyfriend? Not the most conventional rearing for a young teen girl to  have her parent(s) allow co-habitation as a miner. Probably a less popular choice of parenting for most of my readers but there is so much more that should be addressed about allowing your underage son or daughter to have a relationship with a much older partner.

Here some hazards I think should be examined if your considering allowing your child to date someone older.

-They could contract a sexually transmitted disease. It’s likely that the older partner will have been around the bush a few times and could have picked up a few bugs along the way.

-One, if not both of them are probably not mentally ready for such a serious relationship.

– The older party could be causing bad influences such as sneaking out late, lying, substance abuse etc. They may be old enough to do all those things but the fourteen year old is not.

-Sexual and or physical abuse could be highly likely.

Dr. O, what if I don’t know who my daughter/son is dating yet alone how old they are? FIND OUT.  Parents, don’t be nonchalant when it comes to topics like this. Get involved and STAY involved in the lives of your children. Some may disagree but I for one believe that parents should be just that, PARENTS and not friends to their children. Sure the relationship will probably become more friendly as the parent and child get older but during the formative years it’s essential that the parent(s) takes this time seriously and imparts lessons that won’t soon be forgotten.

What’s your opinion on this?

Dr. O


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