Happy Father’s Day! #EndFather’sDay Trends on Twitter, Bitter or Nah?

Happy Father’s Day to all you doting dads out there!

This is the type of tweet you would expect to see on social media sites such as Twitter. Random people taking a small amount of time out of their day to write 140 characters of encouragement for Daddy Day. While it’s no secret that absentee father’s is a prevalent and ongoing issue in society , is that an excuse to give the whole holiday the AX?

For some it would seem so. Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 15 (GASP, run and do that last minute shopping) and with the date in such close proximity, those without fathers are forced to concentrate their feelings of bitterness, hate and animosity until the exploded into the #EndtheFather’sDay campaign on Twitter. And to give the trend some extra “oomph” it was poorly labeled as a feminist movement.

Check out some the tweets from the trend below.

#EndFathersDay. Because sperm donors are technically fathers, and I ain’t celebrating that mess. Have illegitimate kids the traditional way.

#EndFathersDay so I can duck out on all the paternity claims from all these clingy hot bitches! #EndBabyDaddysDay

#EndFathersDay bc my dad left Texas for his gf and thus all fathers everywhere are bad, bad men.

To fair, there is also speculation that the trend started out as a joke but either way people are fired up about the topic. Those that didn’t or don’t have fathers present in their lives shared some heartfelt sorrow and those that have great dads shared some heartfelt ridiculously annoyed tweets about how such a thing ever got started.

In all seriousness, Twitter should not be used as an outlet to discuss your inner struggles. Working through the effects of an neglectful parent should be discussed with trained professionals that can actually help resolve the issue. Ranting on social media about such things is never the answer.

Bitter or nah? Tell us what you think about #EndFather’sDay.



Picture source: http://pdxpipeline.com/monthly-event-list/portland-fathers-day/

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