Why are Comedians depressed?

Depression is no laughing matter. Depression is now classified as a mental illness.

Depression involves grappling with “feelings of severe despair over an extended period of time. ” Eighty percent of comedians come from a place of tragedy!

Some other early research demonstrates that comedians are more likely to come from a low socioeconomic stratum of society, with approximately eighty to eighty-five percent of comedians coming from low socioeconomic homes.

A lot of comedians bring their pain to light to release anger or anxiety in a sarcastic way. For example the catch phrase (Laugh at my pain) which was debuted from comedian Kevin Hart recent stand up. When he says that, He really wants you to laugh at his pain that he suffers from in the inside.

Think back to your child hood…Do you recall the guy you and your peers considered the “class clown”.  Was he the guy that came from a low income family with poor to moderate quality of clothing?  Comedy was a way for this “class clown” to deflect his own insecurities and bring light to other student’s flaws.  This distracted others from seeing their short-comings and allowed them a chance to make fun of themselves before someone else did.  Comedy can be a great defense mechanism when used appropriately.

The harsh and unpleasant conditions of their home lives may explain why most comedians went to pursue their careers. Robin Williams was depressed and most people didn’t know that, that is why he committed suicide, because the people around him did not understand his pain and there was nobody there for him.

The ability to make people laugh comes from a personality displayed by those with bipolar and schizophrenia.

That makes you wonder if every famous comedian has a story behind their jokes. And if you really listen to today’s comedians stand up, they are really talking about their lives but in a more comic way.

To make them feel understood, try to understand our wonderful comedians instead of just laughing at them!  This may provide you with insight as to why comedians are depressed.


Something to think about,

Dr. O

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