Young Parents vs. Older Parents

Most people in America believe that women should have children in their late twenties or early thirties.  Mature parents are already aware of  the needs of a baby. But they are more likely to already have long term chronic pain because they are older in age.

At age twenty  or younger pregnancy is more likely to happen out of wedlock, more likely to interfere with educational and career aspirations.  The late teens and early twenties are the best age biologically, according to Jim Mirowsky who is a Sociologist at the University of Texas in Austin.

Being young parents, you have to realize you are now taking care of another human being for the rest of your life, enrolling them in school,emergencies,doctors appointments, sicknesses and having to keep a close eye on your child because the world has a lot of dangerous and harmful things going on.

Mature Parents have the mind set of waiting until they fulfill their careers and being married first and having a stable home. Smart! but years before they have a baby they didn’t take care of their bodies. That is where the high risks come in.

Having a baby young means that is hard not to be selfish about your time. Having to sleep when you want, watch TV and go out with friends whenever you please. All that freedom is gone when you become a parent.(FYI) a lot of people say your life is over when you have a child.

There is really no correct age of parenting; it depends on the maturity of the parents and confidence on taking on another responsibility, financially and mentally.

The proper way to plan for a child is to think things through and have a sit down with your partner before making the decision of having a baby.  Discuss future plans, discuss financial status in details.  Be sure to evaluate your current relationship with your partner.  Also be sure to discuss the “what if” .  What if you die? What if we get a divorce? What if one of us becomes disabled permanently? What if we lose our jobs?.  All of those things need to be taken into consideration.  Hopefully this provided you with a little insight or provoked questions you may have never thought of when planning to have a child.


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