Effective Ways to Finish Strong Before the Weekend

7 Steps to Effectively Wind Down Your Business Week

Here we believe there are significant ways to increase the productivity of your business week evaluations. Looking back on your work week holistically will help you develop an understanding of your personal and occupational progress, as well as better prepare you for the following business week. We know there are times where you want to be finished on a Friday at 5’o clock. However, we believe if you take the time to execute these 7 steps, you can and will see improvement in your principal operations.

1.    Review Delivered Deliverables- What did you accomplish? Most weeks are filled with tasks pre-assigned and spontaneous, big and small. You should be accountable for them. The feeling of accomplishment replenishes the will to work. These are the things you do not have to take into the next week as they are complete.

2.    Review Undelivered Deliverables- What were you supposed to do that you did not? This is critical. During this step also ask yourself what could have been done better or what more could have been done to improve your business. Undelivered includes preassigned work tasks for the following week. This step allows you to be as prepared as possible for the following week so that you can jump right back in the game on Monday.

3.    Do a Financial Analysis- What numbers did you or your company reach? Compare current financial standings to last week’s financial standings.  Find hindrances and target boosters.

4.    Make Peace with all of the Above and Clean- Who wants to clean on a Friday? You do not have to pull out the broom and mop bucket but you must reorganize. Regather items, situations, and even persons that might have been disheveled due to chaos or unintentional carelessness. A clean space allows you to see clearer and re-center.

5.    Perform a Self Audit- How are you doing? Evaluate what you have learned, gotten better at, and could work on. Know that you have grown in some way over the week. Review that growth and be honest so that you are more knowledgeable of yourself. Make careful notes of this inventory over time periods to increase your personal development.

6.    Personal Goal Setting- This is not limited in just work place goals but as well as in your personal life. For example spending more time with family, reducing the amount of times you eat out, exercise goals, etc. 

7.    Start your weekend off doing something self-fulfilling. Treat yourself on Friday to doing whatever you please. For some it may be Netflix and popcorn, for others it may be retail therapy. In any regards, exercise the fruits of your labor.

Leave work at the workplace and enjoy your weekend knowing you have carried out an effective and efficient business week evaluation. It is extremely critical to log your inter and extra personal progress!

Let us here about your Business Week Evaluations and what you learn from them today!!

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