Sleep: A Blast from My Past! Coping with Insomnia

Sleep is restorative and necessary for all. Many people deal with the perils of insomnia. Some people would pay for a good night’s sleep.  How much is it really worth to you? Yes, they call you Mr. or Ms. “Red-Eyes” but they don’t understand the trouble you have seen. There are three types of basic insomniacs.

A.  Initiating Insomnia-Problems getting to sleep. You lay down, count-sheep and drink milk to no-avail.

B.  Middle Insomnia-You can get to sleep, but 2 hours later, your up and wondering around. An occasional pee or okay, but my God, several pees is too much. (lol)

C. Terminal Insomnia-“I’m up again at 2:oo a.m. and I can not get back to sleep.” Yes, you still have to go to work , so here we go again.

What are some of the possible causes of Insomnia-Related Diseases:

  • Anxiety, Stress and Worry-Family and Relationship Issues
  • Medical Illness (Sleep Apnea)
  • Work Phase-Shift Problems (Jet-Lag)
  • Bad Mattresses
  • Noisy Living Environment
  • Work-Problems
  • Money Problems
  • Chronic Pain

This are just  few issues that may hinder a good night’s rest. Just how much sleep does one adult need. usually 4-6 hours is good. A little more is almost heaven, but anything less is a problems. Also, too much sleep could signal “distress” too. be careful not to fall prey to this issue. (hypersomnia) A usual suspect is “Depression” for this one.

What should you do:

  1. Get a medical evaluation
  2. Try conservative approaches before even OTC medicines
  3. Try Melatonin
  4. Get a Psychiatric Evaluation
  5. Have your doctor to develop a treatment plan. (i.e. Medicine)

Sleep Hygiene is important to all of us. After a while, you will burn-out if this issues is not handled. It can lead to poor job performance, motor-vehicle accidents, and work-perfomance issues. Handle the problem early and “snatch the sheep down.”


For more information….Read what the Mayo clinic has to say about sleep deprivation

or just do like some of my friends do and order some late night cookies…
Insomnia Cookies

Enough Said,


Dr. O



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