Relationships 101: Why Men Lie? Cheater’s Academy

Relationships should teach us not to lie.  However, some men have the can’t help its when it comes to lying. The lie about this and they even lie about that. Has our society become ubiquitous with chronic liars? Does the truth really hurt that much? Are we as men really afraid of our own shadows of truth?

First off, in my opinion, there are two type of lies: 1) Conscious and 2) Unconscious.(Subconscious)

A Conscious Lie is a willful verbal expression of something that is an unreasonable truth. Examples would be like my dog died and you don’t have a dog. Another one would be, “My mom’s coming over to my apartment and your homeless.”  Believe it or not, it is the truth. People do still just blatantly lie when convenient.

An Unconscious lie (Subconscious) is from within or beneath the surface. An example would be, “Our checks came late so I can’t pay my tithes this Sunday.”  Another example would be, “Your weave really looks nice.” (Even though you can see the tracks a mile away in the dark)

Top Ten Reasons Men Lie to Spouse/Lover, Boo’s

  1. Commitment Issues-Just like their church membership, it changes with the seasons.
  2. Fear of Failure-Men don’t like to be challenged or seen as unaccomplished.
  3. Insecurity-“Am I ugly? Are my lips to big? Is my thing too small? (you already know sir) Do I make enough money?
  4. Unfaithful-One lover just will not do. Variety adds the spice to their life and possibly their doctor’s bills.
  5. Maladjusted-“Still playing Pokemon or Spades with the “friends” every Friday.
  6. Unresolved conflicts from childhood-“My daddy left us. Moma never cooked us a good meal.”
  7. Sexuality issues-“I don’t know if I like boys, girls or both.”  Yes, you do!
  8. Learned Behavior-His grandfather was a liar. His daddy is a liar. Now he is a liar.
  9. Trust Issues-“I am leaving you before you leave me.”
  10. Because they can-It is habit forming- lying.

What should you do if your man is a chronic liar.

A. Confront him the first time you catch him.

B.  Confront him the next time you catch him in a lie.
C.  Confront him the third time you catch him.

*Then make him write 200 times, I will NOT lie anymore. If this doesn’t work, put him out. (lol)

Is your man a chronic liar? Let us hear from you…

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