What Do the Lonely Really Do for Christmas? AskDrO Weighs In

Christmas can be a very lonely time for some. Although this is a time of holiday parties and cheer for many, for others it is a sad time. This is really a tough time when a person has experienced loss within the past year. Some are still grieving loss for years ago.  So what do the lonely really do to keep themselves from falling into a “deep” depression this time of year? There is no real simple answer to this age-old question.

I could tell you that you won’t experience any emotional pain in Christmas season but that would not be the  truth. I could also say “shop until you drop” to fight the pain. However, this is only a temporary fix. However, there are a couple of steps that might help you fight the dreaded “Holiday Blues.”

Check out my list below:

  1.  First prepare for it. (Holiday Blues) Be pro-active. You know that this is an issue that you have dealt with in the past, so just prepare yourself.
  2. Don’t isolate. Be sure to stay around persons with “positive energy.” Drop the negative friends right in through here.
  3. Be careful with over-eating and lack of exercise. Don’t over do it with the sweets and carbohydrates. It is important to practice healthy eating habits especially around the holidays.
  4. Watch your alcohol intake. Remember alcohol can cause depression. It brings up the past in ways you may not want to remember.
  5. Plan your holiday activities. Don’t be too spontaneous because you may have a “bad day” and end up just not wanting to plan not to do anything. If there is already something planned you may be less likely to cancel.
  6. Put up at least a few decorations. No you don’t have to over do it. But do something to get in the true spirit of the Holiday Season.
  7. Finally believe that things will be better. Speak those positive affirmations daily. “I will not be depressed this year. I am going to enjoy the holidays. I had a good year in spite of the divorce.” (lol)
  8. Don’t make too many “major” life changes in the holiday season.

I hope this helps. Feel free to stop by the office if you need a little more support during the holiday.

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Happy Holidays


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