Question of the Day 7/26/10: Relationship 101 Series (The Conclusion)

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First, I would like to thank all of you for the lively discussion; it is very important to get some issues out here for public discussion. If you suspect that your cousin or brother is gay, it’s really none of your business. However, if it is your husband or lover and you are participating in unprotected sex, IT IS DEFINITELY YOUR BUSINESS!

As most of you imagined, she did ask him to leave.   She did experience some depression but did not seek out professional help. They were both members of a holiness church (denomination will not be disclosed… just guess). They attempted pastoral counseling but it did not work. The pastor threatened to take his minister’s license. When he asked him what for, the pastor told him it was because he was a homosexual. The husband got his attorney involved, threatened a lawsuit and the pastor shut up immediately. WOW!

It is my belief that he is still in contact with his child and now splits the holidays with his ex-wife. Interestingly enough, they are NOW best friends, but now I suspect she may be a lesbian (stay tuned for that post).

If you are having difficulty in this area, please feel free to leave another comment.  Do you agree with how she handled her business?

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