I Am Not Gay! : A Must Read for All Women Seeking Men for a Relationship

We have a tendency to clump  ALL men with differing life-styles into one category, GAY. I took a survey of 50 males (ages 22-31)  to help me gain an understanding of just what the male nomenclature is in today’s society.

Here are the summarized results:

1. Metro-Sexual:A stylish gentleman that is concerned with his appearance. One who will not limit himself to things that “men” are only suppose to do. He pampers himself just as much as a female would. He’s heterosexual. These men have no feelings at all for a same-sex relationship. They are usually mentally healthy and physically fit.

2. Effeminate: Is a man that behaves in a non masculine way. He has traits similar to a female. It can be seen in body language, communication, dress, and style of grooming. This could all be credited to this man’s upbringing. Keeping in mind, his ways don’t dictate his sexual preference. They are usually asexual and may only participate in masturbatory experiences.

3.  DL (Down Low): Although, most of society assumes that DL men are ones that date both men   simultaneously, the verdict is not out just yet. That’s one dynamic of the spectrum that needs a little more research. However, we will need subjects willing to come out of the closet (figure of speech only).  He usually suffers from either Bipolar Disorder or some other mood disorder because he is not happy with himself and confused about his true gender identity.  His sexual preference isn’t exposed for all to know. Yes, he is a man that dates both men and women, not necessarily at the same time. He’s a man that doesn’t identify himself with the GAY label/lifestyle.

4.  Homosexual: A gay man! A man that is attracted/sexual/dating the same sex. They’re usually suffering with both paranoia and anxiety disorder, as well.

5.  Flamboyant:  A gay man that is open with his sexuality.  Usually depressed or suffering from early childhood trauma. He doesn’t feel the need to conceal himself, or the person he identifies within himself. He tends to dress and act in ways similar to a female.

6. Straight Male– A rare entity in today’s society. One who reportedly has no interest at all in same-sex companionship to a level of intimacy. However, many of them in a dark room may concede to otherwise hidden behaviors.

Now I know that there should be a lot of discussion concerning this post. I almost want to leave a comment myself. However, the young men ages 22-31, all college educated, all live within a metropolitan setting and from differing backgrounds (30%=reportedly bisexual in the group, 25%=reportedly gay, 30%=reportedly straight and 15%=cared not to reveal).

Do you agree with the above categories for men? I want to hear how you would break men down in your hometown.

If any of you are struggling with your sexuality please take this survey: //www.drowensmd.com/index.php?option=com_php&Itemid=7

Dr. O

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