The Tea Party vs. NAACP: Rhetoric or RACISM

Dear Tea Party,

My question is, why are you guys so afraid to stand behind your convictions?   Any and all Americans, Black or White, should recognize that your attacks on President Obama and his administration are motivated by nothing but  IGNORANCE and RACISM.   Yes, I said it, and I will stand behind my thoughts, rhetoric and accusations.  It appears that race-relations are getting worse in our nation. This really depresses me; America has taken two steps forward and now two steps backwards. However, it is now time to fight! By the way, is Mel Gibson your President? Please let us know; this will certainly help our process of thinking.

I personally have been constantly looking in the media to see if I can locate ANY person of color at your rallies. Moreover, your spokespersons, whom are attempting to denounce these accusations, are weak and not convincing at all. The one thing that many racists don’t recognize is that they are racist.

I know that you really hate it, but I want to commend the NAACP for the call to action presently on the table. Tea Party: do your thing.  Make it right or make it wrong.  However, don’t move with your regular subtle racist tactics. Moreover, comparing our current President to Adolf Hitler is unacceptable.  You MUST denounce the charges that your political group is RACIST. I don’t think you can; the one thing that many people forget is that this is the same old story.  However, it appears that you guys are now just using different mechanisms to spread your poison.

Now, I am sure that both Blacks and Whites will read this post. Readers what do you think? Do you think that this political action committee, the TEA PARTY, has pure motives that shouldn’t  involve racist rhetoric?  Are many of our perceptions wrong? Or do you recognize that this is the same old story, racism, just packaged differently with the focus being primarily on our current African-American President, Barack Obama?

Let me hear from you. Your thoughts are important.

Enough Said,


If you feel anger or frustration from the belief of an increase in racial discrimination since Obama’s Presidency, please visit us at:

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