Bishop Eddie Long: The Pictures Are Just Too Much, Ripping a Nation/Church Apart

This is a little too much!

I really don’t know what to think!  Is this revenge, a PR nightmare or the truth? The body language in the above picture is sexually inappropriate!  There really  needs to be some type of controls put in place, at this point, for Bishop Long. I understand Bishop that, “You have five stones!” Well it is time to use those stones to control what is happening to you and your church. No you don’t have to address directly the allegations of sexual coercion, but the pictures are so telling? Were you aware that these pictures could come back and haunt you?  The pictures that are  being released slowly are making it difficult to  remain neutral. We  really don’t know what is next and there seems to be a “Bombshell” in hiding.   Bishop it appears that you where awake, alert and oriented when these pictures were being taken, why did you pose?   The response yesterday left many of us with questions, but as they say once again “a picture is worth a thousand words!” Some even felt that you were arrogant and a bit dismissive. This is not the time or the place in Zion.   Your church could possibly split.  Bishop you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty, but you must immediately hire a  PR damage control team to deal with some of the releases, pictures, and rumors.   It is no longer about YOU but you need damage control for the church. Yes, the media is nasty but they hold the face of public opinion.  Use one of your stones brother, use one of your stones!

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