Bombshell: Michael Jackson’s Parents are Getting a Divorce After 60 Years!!!

Congratulations to Katherine Jackson who has finally decided to move forward with the divorce. She has filed twice, but because of her faith, Jehovah’s Witness, she would not go through with it. However, my sources state that it is finally over. Joe, is about to take the Nestea Plunge!   I am sure that he has exhausted her with all of his tirades of foolishness. Moreover, they have already been living separately for five years. Here are the top five reasons she should finally DIVORCE Joe Jackson.

Five Reasons to Divorce Joe Jackson

1. Questionable Mental Instability (almost proven)
2. History of abuse to their children
3. Inappropriate Dances with the Media
4. Unsubstantiated allegations that she, Mrs. K. Jackson,  was responsible for Michael’s death
5. She, Mrs.Katherine Jackson,  deserves better.

I am so proud of Mrs.K.Jackson for moving forward. It is my hope that her adult children will remain supportive . I am sure that they will, after all they have all  lived with Joe also. The divorce has been confirmed( Showbizz 411) and Mrs. Jackson is now moving forward .Congratulations!

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