AskDrO Asks, “What Is Your Definition of Love?”

What IS Love?

This is a very important question that each of us need to ponder. Why are we all stuck in our own imaginations of what love really is?  I was talking to a couple today who was having marital problems and I decided to ask them a couple of questions to see if I could clearly understand where their problems possibly began.  My first question was, “What is the basis of your marriage?”  They both began skipping over their own words.  However, I got no real answer.

So what IS love, after all? More importantly, what is YOUR definition of love, or what does it mean for YOU to be loved? AskDrO wants to know!

Let me hear your thoughts on what love is and means!

Love can often times be a difficult issue for couples in relationships and marriages. If you feel you are having trouble in your marriage, partnership, or relationship, we can help! Start by taking the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment, check your mental status today and begin to live a healthier love life!

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