AskDrO Shares Tips to Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease Early

This is a very difficult subject for most of us, with aging parents, to discuss period. I am sure we all have had an occasion where mom or dad asked us repetitive questions and or lost the thought in the middle of the conversation.  Don’t be too alarmed if this has happened occasionally, only.  However, this disease is becoming more prevalent and there are a few things that I think we all need to know about dementia.  Here are some simple things to look for to recognize early dementia, Alzheimer’s Type;

  1. Recurrent Memory Lapses-If you parent is forgetting the names of recent acquaintances or younger family members, such as grandchildren, this could be an early sign.
  2. Word Finding Difficulties-Does your parent or grandparent have a hard time finding the right word to place in a sentence?
  3. Misplacing Items Frequently-Does your family member frequently misplace her/his keys or wallet/purse?
  4. Mood Swings-Does your family member have frequent mood swinngs or get angry and frustrated relatively quick?
  5. Sundowning/Disorientation-Does your family member frequently get the days and nights mixed-up and find themselves confused in familiar surroundings.
  6. Poor Abstract Thinking-Does your family member get easily frustrated with cross-word puzzles or activities, such as games, that require basic process logic.
  7. Confabulation-Does your family member make-up answers to questions that they should know.  This is not actually text-book lying, this is called canfabulation.  They are trying to over compensate for their memory deficits. wants our community and its people to be strong advocates for a  healthy mind and a healthy body. Dementia, as well as depression, anxiety and anger issues develop without the person even knowing it. Help promote a healthier lifestyle; take the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status today!

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