Before You Say Anything…(Things He Doesn’t Want To Hear)

Keep These Things To Yourself

We all know that the most  successful relationships stem from great communication, trust, honesty, etc. In fact, it’s the root all great relationships, whether personal or professional. In order to communicate with each other, we must first understand each other. There are times when both parties are completely in sync, listening and taking turns speaking, creating the beautiful flow of chemistry to keep one another connected. Having said that, looks at things men simply DO NOT want to hear, less talk about Ladies, if  you find yourself preparing to discuss these certain subjects with your spouse or lover, for the sake of the relationship…PLEASE STOP:

  • Your Period: we know that it happens every month for all females and we are aware of how is affects your body, mind, mood, spirit, etc. And for the record, PLEASE stop wishing it on men.
  • The “Ex” Factor: men don’t want to hear you bashing about the last boyfriend (or the one before that). Bashing the last boyfriend only makes us wonder what you will say about us, and praising the last boyfriend only makes us feel inadequate, which can make for an ingredient to “break up”.
  • Your Friends: constant talk about your friends is a sure-fire way to disengage our interest. Sharonda-this, Peggy-that, and Kathy-who…we don’t want to know about petty gossip that’s unrelated to our development. Although men are sometimes worse than females, we still don’t want to hear it.
  • The Bad Girl of the Group: this is especially a no-no. Constantly talking about a specific “friend” in your circle who is a little more than friendly with the men makes us wonder, “why are you still her friend?” That’s just grounds for you to be as phony (or worse) than your friend.
  • The “Girl on the TV”: another no-no. Comparing yourself to women on TV, talking down to other women, or talking about other women in a bad way is an indication of insecurity, which couples with instability. No decent man wants a woman who is not confident in herself, or respectful of other women, regardless of their status in life.

Are these helpful things to consider when communicating in relationships? What are some things men shouldn’t discuss when communicating with their lovers or spouses? Let’s hear your thoughts on the blog!

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