Is Make-Up Sex Ever Appropriate?AskDrO Responds

Dear Readers,

A number of you were disappointed to find “Make-Up SEX”  on the no-no list for Christmas. I have been asked to provide and explanation for this post. Here are the top ten reasons that “make-up sex” can lead to further vulnerability. First off,  I must share that SEX is NOT the panacea for  most marital/relationship problems.  I am sure that there will be some that may disagree,  but let me just share a little insight on this topic.  In conclusion, make-up sex is never appropriate as a solution to marital conflicts and problems. This is for both gay and straight couples.

TEN Reasons:

  1. Sex can only be viewed as temporary and not a cure.
  2. Intimacy can not replace effective communication.
  3. Sex means different things to different people.
  4. The problems will not go away after the orgasm.
  5. Your problems could intensify if it is “bad-sex.” (i.e. premature or no ejaculation)
  6. Women think differently than men.
  7. Bills will remain  due after the orgasm.
  8. Extra-Marital affairs will not go away after a night of sex.
  9. If there is no love, sex becomes a physical thing only.
  10. Sex should not be used in exchange for conflict-resolution.

I know that many of you have and will continue to use sex inappropriately. This can be very dangerous.  Just remember when and if you do this, after sex,  you can be  left with just a pair of dirty underwear. Always remember that sex, in the right context, can be great.  However, it can not be used for conflict resolution or as marital therapy. Let’s start 2011 off right. No more sex for pawn. Let’s vow to only use sex in its proper context with our “committed” spouses/lovers. Next year is your break-out year and you will be just fine.

Points to Ponder:

  • Do you manipulate your spouse through sex?
  • Do you hold-out when there is something specific that you want?
  • Do you understand that you can not withhold sex from your spouse?
  • Are you currently in a healthy sexual relationship?
  • How many times a week do you REALLY have good sex?

If you answered YES, to more than two of the above questions, you may need to have analysis with a good Psychiatrist. You may also be suffering with a mental disorder if sex no longer excites you. This is also a factor in many divorces.

Good sex is an excellent way to prevent mental stress and marital discord. However, if you find yourself unable to to participate in good sex, you may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or anger issues and not know it. Take back your mental health and sex life; go to the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status!

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