Is Unemployment becoming a Cope-Out!AskDrO Responds

I am not so sure about the extension of unemployment benefits for everyone.  It appears to me like some people are intentionally getting fired to lay-out on the extended “unemployment” benefits. I over heard a conversation the other day that made me sick to my stomach.  There were two young African-American men, in their twenties, teaching another young male how to beat the “unemployment” system.  They had it down to a science.

  1.  Be sure that you “get fired” never quit.
  2. Ask for a separation notice because this document will speed up your check process.
  3. If you get laid-off and there is no work, ask for a “lack of work” letter.
  4. You are also eligible for food stamps  if you are receiving benefits. Take your approval letter and go to the food stamp office.
  5. Be sure to call in every week to the  Georgia automated system and “say” you are looking for a job even if you are  Not.
  6. Take only jobs that pay under the table. If not, a paid job could mess with your checks.
  7. When the initial period for benefits lapse, file for an extension.

I was furious listening to this conversation.  I am not sure if either of those able body men were even looking for a job. I am not sure what is going on with unemployment but it is a mess. Now get this, at the end of the conversation, one of the guys looked back at me and made a request of me at the check-out counter. He asked me if he could take a couple of my minutes. Reluctantly, I said yes.  He asked me if I wanted to purchase $200.00 dollars worth a food stamps for a $100.00 cash. I almost  fainted. I do believe that there are some people who truly need the help.  However, I also believe that there are numerous people beating the system.  It is my opinion that anyone who sells or buys food stamps should go directly to jail. Yes, this is my belief.

Angry on the battlefield,


Points to Ponder:

  • Do you think that many people are abusing the system?
  • Do you know anyone receiving unemployment benefits that should be working?
  • Should there be a limit on the number of months a person can receive unemployment benefits?
  • Should benefactors present, at the Labor Department weekly face-to-face, with evidence of an actual job search?

If you have any feelings or thoughts one way or the other on this topic, feel free to post on the comment section.  I hope that some of you will have as much passion as this author on this topic.

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