How Psychotic Is Gucci Mane…I Mean, Really?

Would you ever do this to your face?

Now this is just REALLY disturbing. Last October we featured rapper and Atlanta native Radrick “Gucci Mane” Davis in one of our blog posts, after he was admitted for a 28-day rehabilitation program at a Riverside psychiatric facility. After a short bout of drama featuring his lawyer and entourage, Gucci finally surrendered himself into the hospital staff’s custody.

Fast forward only 3 months later and once AGAIN we find Gucci Mane at the helm of another oddity, this time in the form of a facial….TATTOO??? After dodging a jail sentence (thanks to his lawyers, of course) and having been released from a mental facility, Gucci’s ever-present efforts to prove he’s insane don’t go unnoticed. While we were all snowed in from the first blast of Old Man Winter, Gucci’s claim of being “So Icey” took another turn when he was spotted out, shopping at Lenox Mall, apparently not afraid of a little icy, blizzardy weather. That  alone tells me that something is serious wrong with that man…but WAIT…it gets better!

Gucci then decided to hit the tattoo parlor to upgrade his facial graffiti by having a “lightning-rodded” ICE CREAM CONE illustrated on his right cheek with the phrase “Brrr” underneath! Now what grown man in his right mind would have the bravery or audacity to tattoo an ice cream cone on his cheek? If this is a publicity stunt to obtain the insanity plea, by far, Gucci has played the role and then some. Has his issue with substance abuse gone so far to cloud his judgment, or hinder his decision-making skills?

I’m scared for our youth today; growing up, we had role models such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington, Madame C.J. Walker. We read about them, studied them, learned their formula and methods of success and admired them for that. And who do our youth have now to look forward to? A 30-something rapper with a tattoo on his cheek! Lord Have Mercy!

  • Is Gucci Mane’s substance abuse issue to blame for his erratic behavior?
  • Should there have been more psychotic evaluation before he was released from the mental facility?
  • Is Gucci Mane acting out to escape legal responsibility?

Let us hear your thoughts on the blog!

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