What To Do About Bad Sex…


Bad sex can be your ticket to a loveless relationship.

Have you ever had an experince of  “bad sex” and did not want to tell your lover/spouse about the experience? Here are a couple of examples that could lead to possible bad sex:

  • Finished too quick and you did not get an orgasm
  • Your spouse/lover had an odor
  • Your spouse/lover was a little too aggressive
  • Your spouse/lover was a little too passive
  • You requested foreplay and did not get it at all
  • No agreement of the mode, method or process of the sexual act of the evening
  • Your spouse/lover was inebriated during the act
  • Your spouse/lover wanted to have sex before you left for church

Here are a few methods you can use to make sure this deal-breaker won’t let your relationship perish:

  • Change up the positions and/or places. If someone gets too comfortable with one position or location, that may cause them to orgasm too quickly.
  • Encourage sex in the shower. Not only will this provide a more versatile and exciting experience, but you won’t have to brave their foul odor!
  • Learn to switch roles; sometimes the victim likes to become the “stalker” and vice-versa. If one dominating role is established, this gets old and boring REALLY quick.
  • Foreplay is a process that goes beyond the bedroom. Learn how to send sex signals to your spouse WITHOUT the norm. For example, if your man loves the way you wear a favorite pair of jeans, meet him out to dinner in them.
  • Should your spouse be inebriated during sex, depending on your personality, this is a perfect situation to take control and turn him/her out! They will usually sober up and pay attention if you mean business!
  • Sex before church…??? You might wanna pray about that one!
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