New Book Examines Interracial Dating Issues

Okay we’ve come a long from Loving Vs. Virginia, which overturned laws prohibiting interracial dating in the United States. But have people’s attitudes really changed?

Actress Diane Fahr wrote a book about issues facing interracial couples called, “A True Story of Love and Race and Happily Ever After.”

Do you find yourself starring when you see mixed-race couple? Is it still considered taboo? Although I believe that love doesn’t know a color, I’m sure we can all recall some black mothers telling their sons, “You bet not bring home a white girl.” Or the white father lamenting his daughter for dating a “black guy.”

Since America is becoming increasingly multiracial should we just get with the times?

One of the couples profiled in the book is Dave and Lisa Tyler.

“I had never dated a black guy before, and I remember telling my family I have this new boyfriend, he’s black,” Lisa Tyler said. “I had some friends be like, ‘really, you’re dating him? why are you dating him?'”

Lisa Tyler’s family had issues with the couple dating. Her mother did not help her plan her wedding — calling it “frustrating.” Her family were worried about how it would be for the kids — once the couple had them.

“At that time, it didn’t make me feel bad at all, Dave Tyler said. “I knew I loved her.”

I say date WHOEVER makes you happy (past the age of consent)…even if they’re blue!

Do you think interracial couples face less issues today versus 15 years ago?

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