Ridiculous Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 4 Recap

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta left me sitting with a shocked expression…a FEW times.

Phaedra, NeNe, Sheree, Kandi, Kim and Cynthia gave alot in this episode so let’s look at the highlights –

1. Peter Vs. Malorie

Remember when Cynthia almost didn’t get married to Peter? Her sister Melanie plotted to keep the marriage certificate  – which would have left the minister unable to perform the ceremony. It’s safe to say after watching the conspiracy unfold, Peter wasn’t too happy with his new sister-in-law. Cynthia tried to bridge the gap between the two but neither of them budged. At least they BOTH love Cynthia.

2. Ridic-ulous

Kandi turned the big 35 and wanted to celebrate in style with a rooftop party…complete with a stripper. The self-described “freak” shocked and disgusted her guests when an infamous ATL stripper named “RIDIC-ULOUS,” performed felatio on himself. Ex-stripper NeNe left in an outrage followed by her trusty sidekicks Diana, Cynthia and Peter Thomas. They were followed by Kandi’s mother who showed that you’re never to old for an old fashioned cuss-out from your mother. “That wasn’t cool. That wasn’t cool at all,” Mama Joyce yelled as she stormed out.


3. Miss Lawrence

Two words. Fashion Police.

4. Kim’s “Turtleneck” Delima

Apparently Kim doesn’t want her son having a”turtleneck” or an uncircumcised penis, so she took her baby daddy with her to visit a baby expert to learn about taking care of a circumcision.

What are your thoughts on episode 4?

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