Learn How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone wants to set new goals and make changes for a new year. Yet, sometimes the results aren’t exactly what you imagined. You can stick to your New Year’s resolutions by following these six easy tips.

1. Be Specific

Don’t make a board resolution like I want to work out everyday. Start with something like, “I will jog for 30 minutes everyday.” It’s easier to follow goals when you break them down.

2. Measure Your Results

Keep track of what you eat in a food journal or create a vision board with your goals for the year.

3. Don’t Choose Lofty Goals

“I want to open a boutique.” Try to work on accomplishing all of the smaller things that need to happen before the big moment. Research the product, secure a location, get a small business loan, etc.

4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s easier to stick with your weight loss goals when you make lifestyle changes. Dieting is a temporary solution, it’s not a long-term method of success. Change your eating habits and implement a workout routine into your daily lifestyle, not just temporarily one-month diet.

5. Get A Support System

Having a support system makes all of the difference in the world. Use your favorite social networking websites to find like-minded individuals. It’s easier to exchange ideas and tips with others who are in your corner.

6. Find Alternatives

It’s hard to stop doing something cold turkey, find an alternative. If you want to stop having premarital sex, find a great new adult toy and avoid situations where you may be tempted.

I hope you find these tips helpful in starting a new year.

Good luck!

Do you have any other tips you’d add to the list?

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