BamBam (AKA Chris Brown) and Pebbles (AKA Rihanna) back in the Ring.

What started off as a “Romeo and Juliet”  romance special,   has turned into a Life Time Movie Special , “Cycle of  Abuse and Pain in Living Color”.  Recently tabloids have been ripping  the heads  off of Chris Brown and  Rihanna. They decided to collaborate on a birthday video-with strong sexual overtones. WOW! Is this the sign of  true “love” or a  match made in hell?   I can understand matters of the heart, but let’s be real Rihanna you are a public figure.

What message is Rihanna sending to numerous women who have been in and remain in an abusive relationship?  As a celebrity,  it should be very important for her to understand her influence as a role model.  Moreover, what impression is she  giving little girls that look up to her? Is she telling them physical violence, from your mate, is acceptable?

We thought that her Godmother, Oprah had helped her process through the abuse issue. Evidently Not! She is right back with an abusive lover. What do you think Oprah is going to say about the new developments? Rihanna probably will NOT be on the “O” Network anytime soon.  I believe Oprah is probably a little disappointed.  (Oprah remarked “no comment” when queried by the media)

Is Rihanna possibly suffering from the “battered women syndrome “by openly going back to her abusive lover?  I’m sure my readers will  have a lot to say about this “hot news flash.”

Do you think Rihanna should go back to Chris Brown, her former lover or limit her communication and just remain cordial to him?   Or do you think we bloggers are “blowing”  this way out of porportion?I beg to differ NOT!

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