Valentine’s Day Awareness: How To Tell If You’re A Sidechick

Let’s face the facts — some of you are going to be extremely disappointed on Valentine’s Day.

This is the day when true love takes flights and all of the jump-offs and sidechicks around the world find out exactly where they stand.

Valentine’s Day is for lovers…not for luvhers. Do you catch my drift? If your man has been acting a little SKETCHY lately then he’s looking for an out. Has he even mentioned Valentine’s Day to you yet? We’re like five days away people. If you don’t know it by now….well you know the rest.

You can’t just up and have a last-minute Valentine’s Day date. These things take time, patience and endurance, because it’s supposed to be a special moment.

If you’re still a little clueless about where you stand I have a few items for you to take into consideration – while you figure out if you’re the lady or the….

–          He says he’s working late
–          His phone stays on silent
–          You didn’t spend the holidays with him
–          His birthday he was with his boys
–          He didn’t remember your birthday
–          You rarely leave your apartment
–          He comes over late nights
–          He leaves unexpectedly after a phone call
–          Overnight visits are rare
–          When’s the last time he did something special

If you can relate to more than THREE of the above signs, get a grip girl and plan to spend the day with your girlfriends or waiting on a phone call that’s never going to come. I’m not trying to be harsh, but somebody needs to tell the truth. If it’s one thing I’m not that’s a dream seller.

Don’t worry I have some great single Valentine’s Day ideas coming up next.
Besides, I’m sure you’ll get a call on February 15th with some type of excuse.

Have you ever been stood-up on Valentine’s Day?

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