10 Things Not To Do On Your First Date! Relationship 101 Series

10)  Forget to take a bath and deodorize. This is very important.  If you have been working all day and have not had a chance to really refresh yourself, cancel or at least delay your first date.  It would be better to cancel than arrive “funky.”  Please be advised that some people have very sensitive noses and they can smell bad body odor with one small woof. Enough Said!

9)  Flatulence(Pas Gas).  This is a big no-no! If you have a problem with “lactose intolerance” just don’t do it.  Flatulence is the expulsion of biological digestive gases that usually stink!  In other words, no milk-cheese-or ice cream a week before.  Many of us pretend like we don’t know we have this problem but “KNOW THIS.” Flatulence can be very dangerous and should be taken seriously. I would just like to remind you that sometimes the silent ones can be killers. (don’t sleep)

8)  Tell Lies/Embellish the Truth.  This can be a problem.  There is nothing worse than a liar. What do I mean?  If you went to Road Lizard Trade Technical School don’t say that you went to Harvard.  Remember that we are only six persons removed and there just might be a Harvard alumni/alumnae in the family. Usually a liars pants will be on fire when they walk across the room.  If you work at a bank, in the maintenance department,  that is cool at least you work. Remember sometimes new friends/love interest may send flowers or fruit.  It is nothing worse than sending a surprise and the company returns your gift and  states, “He/She doesn’t work here or in this department.” WOW and yes this is still happening. By the way, if that is NOT your car, don’t drive it to the first date.  This no longer works. Especially when you forget how to turn it on at the next stop.

7)  Borrow clothes or shoes from a friend/relative to wear. Doing this can be very dangerous.  Moreover, it is being pretentious.  Buy your own clothes. If not, clean, iron and sanitize what you have and go out on your date.  The problem with borrowing other people’s clothes is the dreaded “wardrobe malfunction.” What happens when there is a problem and you have no idea how to repair/fix the clothing item.  Don’t play with this one. This embarrassment you save may be your very own.

6)  Forget to brush your teeth and utilize mouthwash. You know if you have or have had a problem with oral hygiene.  This can be deadly in a closed-in car.  What do you mean Dr.O? It is a cold, dark and romantic night. You stop by the store to purchase Godiva Chocolates and 3 beautiful red roses.  You arrive early for the date and send a “romantic” text-noting your early arrival.  Your dates comes out to the car. He/She says, “hello beautiful.” You open your mouth and the DRAGON comes-out!  Enough said!

5)  Answer text-messages, check e-mail or talk on the cell-phone.  This is a deal breaker. This behavior is a sign that you are not interested or that your are setting up a “booty-call” for later. And yes, women do it also. One date to feed and the other date to (fill-in-the blank).  Besides it is just plain rude. The problem with most androids, i-phones and PDA devices, they don’t come with directions for proper phone etiquette. My advice to you is-if the date was not dutch and your date is seemingly not interested in you or your conversation-SPLIT the bill. This is a quick teacher of proper etiquette.

4)  Pick-your-nose or scratch other areas of your body.  This is not cute and can be a sign of an infectious process. If your date calls your attention to nose debris-leave the table and go to the powder/restroom. Also, remember “dandruff” has no respect of persons. It prefers to sit on your shoulders. Also, I must make an honorable mention of tracks.  If you prefer to purchase an inexpensive weave-have a neighbor or your local bus driver to check it out. Loose tracks can fall into your soup or salad at the table. This has happened to me.  Somethings are just un-be-weave-able!

3)  Refold Napkins and or re-organize flatware on the table.  There is no need for you to refold the napkin after dinner or pretend like you know how to organize the silverware on the table.  This is NOT your job.   The other issue is the napkins and flatware have to re cleaned anyway-you are just wasting your time. You are not impressing anyone by this act.

2)  Talk about or reference sex. Even if you are a “freak.” Hold it, it most probably will keep. If your are that “hot and horny” that day- cancel the date and take a cold shower. (or do whatever you do to restrain/relieve yourself)  This can be a MAJOR turn-off. Some people feel that it is being open.  I don’t think so. It is being a “Freak.”  You should gauge when to discuss more intimate topics but it should certainly NOT being in the first couple of dates.  Remember if it is too easy, he/she won’t appreciate your intimacy.  Moreover, after a while, your name could change from John/Jane to “whore.”

1)  Take about your ex-lover.  This is ridiculous.  If you want to kill a date, start this foolishness.  This is a sign that it is really NOT over.  On the other hand, if you have some unresolved issues with your ex, work it out with them over dinner and NOT a first date.  Choose topics that you would you can comfortably discuss ,also.  If you don’t go to church-stay away from Bible topics.  If you don’t know politics-stay away from Obama’s new healthcare plan.  This is just the simple reality of a good date.

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As always, thanks for listening and make love a way of life,


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