Trayvon Martin: I am Disgusted, Dispondent and Disappointed at how Florida is Responding

I have been asked by many of you to respond to this issue. As you can see from the title of the post I am very upset and it took me several days to really accurately place not put my thoughts together. I sat quietly in my room and watched the video below several times.


  1. He was shot and killed on February 26, 2012 for NO reason.
  2. He was NOT breaking ANY laws.
  3. He was unarmed.
  4. He had a bag of Skittles candy.
  5. Zimmerman, “He looks Black.” (confirmed)
  6. Sanford, FL Police-no comment
  7. Zimmerman-Comments not appropriate for a BLOG
  8. State Attorney General-“We (the world) are ALL waiting on your response.”

Now that you have seen this video, I am sure that you emotions are just as intense as mine. This reminds me of something out of the movie, “Rosewood.” However, it is the same old mess just a different moment in time.  I am simply apalled by the response of the Sanford Police Department. This is an injustice everywhere. I am mighty afraid that we could be headed for another “Civil War.” There is no need for us to leave our country to fight, the fight has come to our doorsteps.

Mr.Zimmerman is one of many who feel that they can take the lives of our innocent. This is unacceptable and can no longer be tolerated. What do we have to do to prove that slavery and injustice is longer acceptable? What do we have to do to get white men to stop killing our innocent Black Young Men? What do we have to do to prove that we belong here and help make America what it is? What do we have to do to put a stop to this foolishness? I am afraid! I caution you that the generations that are coming-up now don’t really know, understand or accept the concept of a “Non-Violent Movement.” This philosophy is becoming hard to teach because “they are killing and incarcerating our innocent young.” As a result, the next generations are becoming bitter, violent and more difficult to instill principles of non-violence. We are in a war!

I am DISGUSTED that a young innocent 17 year old African-American has been killed and we know who did it, yet there has been no arrest or charges to date.

I am DISPONDENT because the rationalizations that are being used by the local police authorities would make it seem like this young man’s parents and the whole world are just ignorant to social injustice.

I am DISAPPOINTED that the Attorney General of Florida has not taking the appropriate stand.

Please leave your comments on the blog before you leave.  However just click on the link below to see the transcription and hear the actual 911 tape.

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Please go to to sign the petitiion to get Zimmerman arrested.

The Huffington post has done a great job transcribing the 911 tape. Click this link to hear

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