Incarcerated Fathers (Relationship 101 Series)

Did you know?….

  • The majority of incarcerated men are fathers
    • Turner & Peck (2002) identified 93% of incarcerated parents who are fathers.
  • Most of the incarcerated fathers are non-violent offenders
  • The majority of them have short-term sentences
  • Many of them have problems with literacy
  • Child Support Obligations Don’t Stop during Incarceration
  • Children of prisoners are five times more likely to end up in prison (Mazza, 2002).

Here is the dilemma this Father’s day…

  • Will these children EVER have fathers?
  • What will there futures be like with possibly no MALE role models?
  • Can we hear their DISTRESS SIGNAL?
  • How can we get our ARMS around this major problem?
  • Is there really Justice, for a poor man, in the American Legal System?

I don’t have the answers to the above questions. Do you have a passion about this issue one way or the other? Let me hear from you on this “Hot Topic!”

 Please let me hear your comments on this hot topic.
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