White Ohio Police-Officer Slams 85 year old African-American Grandmother on Concrete Street

I am incensed! What is going on in America this month. I caution you to be in a secure and quiet place before reviewing this video.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Has RACISM taken on an all new height?
  2. Are we in trouble in America?
  3. Are we headed for a civil war?
  4. Is what this police officer did  justified?
  5. What would you have done if this were your mom or grandmother?

(Please post your response on the blog)

This can not and will NOT continuously be tolerated. How long will we deal with these social injustices? Has America “gone mad” since President Obama took office? What is the source, in your opinion, of this new level of racism? Can we move forward without some of these current issues being addressed?

I am a blogger but lost for words. Readers I need to hear from you, for real on this one.

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