Dr. O, “Why Does My Man Cheat?”

I get asked the question over and over again in so many different ways. I usually try to stray away from the obvious answer but let me HELP a couple of you out in this post.


FIRST Things First

  • Be sure that he  is cheating first.
  • Chatting on Facebook should NOT end your marriage or relationship.
  • Don’t go by what you heard. Confirm your suspicions first and always.
  • Don’t listen to your friends nonsense especially if they are single ladies. (However, please listen to Grandma)
  • Ask even if they don’t tell. Watch to see if their eyes shift to the left.
  • Smell his clothes-YES I said it. If it is someone else’s scent you got him!
  • Make a surprise lunch visit at his job.
  • Ask HIM! (Well I am hoping that he is saved and will tell the truth)
  • Trust your own intuition! (You know if he is cheating)

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10 Sure FIRE signs of cheating

  1. Excessive napping.
  2. Sudden new work schedule.
  3. Failure to answer your cell-phone calls.
  4. Periods of missing-in-action.
  5. Lack of orgasms during sex period.
  6. Lack of interest in sex with you.
  7. No more foreplay.
  8. Failure to pay rent as agreed.
  9. Unnecessary arguments about nothing.
  10. Missing toothbrush.

What to do is you suspect that your man is cheating on you!(How to kill your spouse guide)

  • Confront him with your large/thugged-out brothers and cousins.
  • If he fails to respond put a HIT out on him.
  • Withhold sex when he is horny and his girlfriend is not around.
  • Refuse to allow masturbation in your home or apartment while you are withholding sex.
  • Purchase some soft-peter and put it in his mashed potatoes and gravy. Be sure to serve fried chicken also.
  • Change ALL the cell-phone numbers and don’t tell him or his girlfriend the new number.
  • Cheat on him with one of his fraternity brothers or best friends.
  • Start a fight in front of the church after communion services.
  • Loose his car keys on Friday night.

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