Twitter Beef Out of Control: Girl Gets Attack on Her own Front Porch

I first heard of the incident around 8 pm last night prior to going to an event.  By the time I arrived at the event at 9pm it was the topic of conversation.  The video had already reached 2 million views and now the video has over 4 million views .  Our society has become enthralled with drama. From Atlanta Housewives to Day Time News.  Reality TV is the new kid on the block and has taken over TV airways.  YouTube has now allowed people instant access to view video footage.

In the Video above two girls were apparently in an argument on twitter.  Tashay D. Edwards arrived at the victims house and confronted her at the doorstep.  Tashay interrogated the young girl in regards to her twitter comments.  She then jumped the girl, drug her outside on the porch and beat her.  After stomping the girl in her face, Tashay snatched her hair and drug her down the steps, until she was stopped by the pleading screams of her friends.  In the background of the video you could hear “Stop you are going to kill her”.  The 1 minute video is very graphic.

Tashay Edward was arrested on Monday April 16th, 2012.  The video that was filmed by WorldStar Hip-Hop yesterday April 18th.  The incident has now started a social media frenzy and the girls have instantly reached celebrity status.

What message is this sending our children?  The message I received is: If I present myself in a manor that is unacceptable and negative I will be praised with media exposure and celebrity status.

What can we do to stop this before it becomes an epidemic?

Concerned Citizen,



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