Kim Bans Rihanna From Kanye!

Kanye West and partner-in-crime Jay-Z are on tour!  As the tour hit London, Kanye’s girlfriend , Kim Kardashian, joined her boo on their ride.  Although Kim is in the spotlight, she is no different from other women.  She is starting to be super territorial of her man!  Kim refused to leave Rihanna and Kanye backstage alone!  Rihanna ususally joins Kanye and Jay-Z onstage during their performance.

Super-paranoid Kim, does not trust the Rihanna.  Maybe she feels a little competition brewing over Kanye’s heart?  Sources also say that Kanye’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, knows that Kanye was cheating with Kim while they were together.  So, Kim, is this an attempt to keep your dog in the dog house?  You know what they say: “Once a cheater, always a cheater!”

A source told The Sun “Kim is incredibly protective of Kanye and doesn’t want any women to go near him if she isn’t there, even his friends.”  Sounds to me like the pot is calling the kettle black here.  “Rihanna wasn’t even allowed to goin his dressing room without Kim being there.  The fact that she was linked to Kim’s brother probably didn’t help.”  Rihanna was rumored to have hooked up with Kim’s brother in February 2012, who is now dating Rihanna lookalike Rita Ora.  The insider went on to add that Kim knows how much attention Kanye gets while he’s on tour, but she still doesn’t want any competition.

The couple seem to be battling over who has the power in the relationship as Kanye begins to voice his opinion about Kim’s apperance to her stylist and makeup artist.  He says he likes it better when they do a more “natural look” on Kim.  Contrary, Kim doesn’t let Kanye do as he pleases.  Kim allegedly pulled Kanye away the party Jay-Z threw for his manager Ty Ty’s birthday in London.  The party brought out many celebrities, like Rihanna, Gwenyth Paltrow and Stella McCartney.  The reality star told Kanye that he had to leave.  The two were seen exiting the festivities.

To me it sounds like Kim wants Kanye ALL to herself… and isn’t afraid to show the world that.   But pump your brakes for one second.  Kim aren’t you the same girl who is rumored to have ‘whore-ish’ tendencies.  Dating many celebrities — Nick Lachey, Ray J,  Nick Cannon, Kris Humphries, and Reggie Bush — just to name a TON. LOL.

Overall, the question remains: Is Kim wrong for placing such a tight grip on Kanye?  The answer is, only if Kanye allows it.  They are both adults and can voice their opinions.  If Kanye didn’t like that much attention, I’m pretty sure she would be told, as Kanye is not known for keeping his mouth closed!  Kanye… we haven’t forgot what you said to Taylor Swift!

Kim apparently is trying her hardest to make this relationship work.  She’s tired of jumping from guy, to guy, to guy etc.  Kanye is teaching Kim how to love (Musiq Soulchild style).  But, we wish the best for the Hollywood couple as they continue their relationship.

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Dr. O

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