AskDrO….Rape, Molestation and Homosexuality in the Black Community:Let’s Talk

First off, thank you Tyler Perry (this article is based off an interview Tyler did with Oprah about his trials in life before fame). This interview just moved  about ALL of its viewers to tears. Those who didn’t cry, they used numbing as a defense. The African-American community has hidden behind church pulpits and the local liquor store. We have all just about eaten ourselves into a conundrum. That’s where the high rates of hypertension, and diabetes come from, unconscious-conflicts unresolved. What will it take to begin to  heal our communities?


This is all too common in our communities; yes, no still means no! A lot of people are AFRAID to come forward because they feel that no one will believe them.  I believe you; because no one has the right to take your body against your will.  THIS IS CALLED RAPE! Would you believe that now even young men are still being raped?  Some people are now sitting around and wandering just where does all of this sexual ambiguity come from in the Black Community?   Take a moment to guess where a large  percentage develops from here in America. Don’t forget the staunch of depression and suicide that can also follow rape.  No, I will not revisit the nightmare that Atlanta experienced 2 weeks ago, however, I am sure that many of you flashed-back to the videos of that saga. If you are a victim of rape come forward. Don’t be afraid because there is no consequence of this truthSexual Abuse is wrong.   No lie, I believe you.


Who did you, uncle, aunt, mother, father, cousin, sister, brother (and don’t forget granddaddy). Oh yes, it happens and I have heard both males and females with some  horrific stories of  recurrent sexual molestation.  What is even more disturbing is that some of their so-called biological parents decided not to believe them and subsequently failed to remove them from harm’s way. Moreover, it happens in both rich and poor families. If you think that your family is exempt, you are a lie and the truth ain’t in you!  However, victims: come forth; it is time for a healing in our communities, families and churches to take place. They can’t hurt you anymore. It is time for you to stop trying to eat away the pain.  Today you can face your demons and began to live. Whoever your demon is……


This is a discussion that most of you don’t want to have with me. I will never forget when this well-to-do, whatever that is, Atlanta couple brought their son in for depression. The young man was intelligent, bright and gifted. They paid cash each visit. By the fourth week I was not sure what I was treating. I finally met with the student alone and asked him why did his parents bring him to see a Psychiatrist? He leaned back in his chair and replied, Dr.Owens they think that I am GAY!” I asked him, “Well are you gay?” He replied, Yes!” I asked him if he wanted me to break the news to his parents and he said, “ Yes.” I told the parents; they cursed me out, I cursed them back and they never  returned to the office. Well I guess I messed that money up, huh?  Homosexuality is here (in the wonderful African-American community) and we have to learn how to process appropriately within our family members, church leaders and community activists. I love to hear Pastors and their wives “gay bash”. Here is my question: do you cash their tithe and offering checks?

Tyler Perry, thank you for this interview. Thank you for your plays and thank you for your mission. I am a loyal fan and I just love it when you “Jar the Floor!” Black America, in the words of Spike Lee, “WAKE-UP!”

Enough Said,


Do you agree that more discussion needs to take place in our communities? Are you a victim of childhood molestation? Are you gay and afraid to come out of the closet? Was rape a problem in your neighborhood? These may be issues that bring on depression and mental issues, but you may not know it. Take the Dr. Owens Prescreen Mental Health Assessment today, and begin to feel better!

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