Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Rejected From Miami Hotels

Evelyn Lozada joined many other women on “The Basketball Wives” – a show that is SUPPOSED to show the lives of the women as their husbands are off playing in games.  But that’s not has happened.  Shaunie, ex-wife and babymama of Shaquille O’Neal’s children, produces the show.  She says that she never meant for the show to turn out with such a bad connotation.  She also adds that she fears that people judge her on interviews because of it.

Evelyn, along with ex-enemy Tami Roman, are both known for being hot headed.  At first, the two had not clicked.  Both of them are so headstrong that they could not find a common ground.  Evelyn would confide in long time friend, Jennifer Williams.  After a season, Evelyn and Tami had settled their differences.  Everything was gravy… for a while.

Then, when Evelyn began dating Chad Ochocinco things went totally downhill!  Jennifer decided to do interviews and blogs about Evelyn’s relationship.  Of course, being the woman (or girl, depending on which way you look at it) that Evelyn is, she confronted her “friend.”  She said how she was confused on how they could be friends for so long and Jennifer can go and talk about her like that.

Jennifer wasn’t moved and felt no remorse.  Her only comment was she never said anything bad about Evelyn.  Which if you listen to the interview you would see otherwise.  Jennifer’s comment about Evelyn “dating certain types of guys” in reference to the player-type, rubbed Eve the wrong way.  Immediately, Evelyn made it clear that Jenn, too, dated the same guys.  In reference to Jennifer’s ex-husband and basketball player, Eric Williams.

Things got even more headed when Evelyn was called “loose” by a new star member, Kenya Bell.  Of course there had to be drama between the two because Kenya and Evelyn saw the term as too different things.  Evelyn – and the majority of viewers agreed – that “loose” meant “whore.”  Kenya said that she MAY have said it or not.  And IF she did say it, “loose” means someone who’s “more free” with themselves as others.  Evelyn then tried to explain to Kenya that the two are connected! LOL!

Well, Evelyn and Chad’s weeding seems to be a one-stop shop for DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!  The couple seems to be in trouble when attempting to book a hotel for their weeding.  The hotels reject their request and say “they didn’t want to deal with fighting or risk their hotels portrayed in a negative light on camera.”  It could be a responsible response though because it seems as the ladies can’t keep their hands off each other.  Even their vacation to Tahiti was a bust! They traveled halfway across the world to clear up some drama, but, unfortunately, left with even MORE than before! Smh.  Did I mention most of the women have children?  And NONE of them are ‘basketball wives.’  So, technically the show was over before it even began.  These ladies are something else!

So what do you think?  Will Evelyn’s big day be drama-filled or will the ladies come together and cooperate for one day?

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Dr. O

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