Gay Marriage Put On Hold In Washington State

On Wednesday, June 6th, Washington’s same sex marriage was blocked!  Opponents had filed more than 200,000 signatures seeking a public vote on the issue in November.  Preserve Marriage Washington submitted all of the papers a day before the state was allowed to begin gay marriages.  State officials are to review the signatures to determine if Referendum 74 will qualify for the public vote.  According to the massive number of signature, it appears that the ballot will be meet very easily.

Legislature passed the law, along with the signing from Gov. Chris Gregoire earlier this year, would make Washington State the seventh state to have legal same-sex marriages.  However, many national groups have declared war by saying they will devote the needed time and money to fight this law!  Groups including Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for Marriage which is responsible for rejecting the law in California and Maine.

Many law supporters have acknowledged that the war is on and has already begun preparing.  Campaign manager of Washington United for Marriage, Zack Silk, is expecting both sides to raise millions!  “It’s fair to say it’s going to be an extremely expensive race.”

President Obama and his campaign has voiced their support of same-sex marriages.  Obama has received a lot of turmoil after this expression, though.  People now are saying “I don’t want a GAY president,” which is pretty ridiculous to say!  If America voted, on a “certain type” of person to be President, I would assume that is what America wanted.  But that’s neither here nor there..

The point of the matter is the battle lies between the following attitudes: “gay marriage is evil” and “let them do what they want to do”.  I’m not going to agree with either side, but I will acknowledge that there are two types of people in the world: those who are very traditional and those that are more lenient.  Those who are more traditional, and stick to the lines of the book, fear change.  Where they say a higher power says it is devilish or not, the underlying statement lies where change begins.  Some are so used to things going a certain way, that they would be lost if they were forced to accept another way of living.  If you strip their tradition, then you will strip them of their compasses and they would be in the world lost and have no guidance.
Others who are more lenient don’t necessarily “not care”, I would better describe them as “pro-choice”.  Those people recognize that you cannot make anyone do anything.  If Billy wants to do something, even if he would have to sneak around or lie about it, Billy would definitely do it.  No matter what anyone has to tell him!  Think about the things you’ve done in privacy.  When you understand that concept you will also understand that everyone can not be pleased.  Our minds are so diverse that the saying “to each is own” would be the only one to describe America’s melting pot.  Everyone cannot, and will never, be fully satisfied.  So, whether than encouraging rebellious actions, you allow them to choose for themselves.

Now my take on the situation is that there should not be a law that bans or suggests gay-marriage.  If everyone is viewed as equal, everyone can make their own choices.  If that is not the case, I suggest you talk about that with what or whomever you believe in.  Also, I figure we have way more pressing issues than two males, or two females, holding hands at the alter.  I don’t know if it is only me or not, but I feel that teenage pregnancy and drug abuse, or even the economy, could use the time we have wasted dealing with this issue.  Things would take a VERY long time to come to a settled ground.  Retracting the idea of ‘passing a law that allows gay-marriage’, would be easier if it was left up to whoever signed their papers.   Whether that’s the state or even the individuals who hold marriage licenses.  If they agree to it, the couple would get a signature.  If they don’t, then tough luck, the couple would have to continue searching.

But what do you feel about gay-marriage?  If it evil or is it not that serious? Leave your comments below!

Dr. O

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