Domestic Violence in Celebrity Marriages: Ochocinco & Evelyn

According to a recent article on allegedly Chad Ochocinco apparently is incarcerated for beating his wife Evelyn (reality T.V star from “Basketball Wives”).  Is this epidemic of domestic violence just becoming more apparent now that it is showing up in celebrity marriages?


It has been reported that Evelyn could possibly be in a coma and that her face is bruised and skin is cut in several places.  You have to ask the question was Ochocinco provoked or has he shown signs of this aggressive behavior?  Apparently Evelyn found a receipt for a box of condoms.  Ochocinco claims he head butted Evelyn on accident.   According to recent studies it takes on average a woman 7 years before leaving an abusive relationship.  Do you think Evelyn will pack her bags and leave or will she think twice about the lifestyle that she has and hang in there.


As soon as this story was released I am sure everyone thought about the infamous Chris Brown and Rhianna show down.  Just recently there has been talks of Chris Brown and Rhianna allegedly confirming that they are back dating.  Rhianna stated that she lost her best friend and that it is hard nurturing a broken relationship on a pedestal in the public eye.  She continued to complain of how dealing with the fame and media can  take a toll on your relationships.  After careful observation of Chris and Rhianna’s interactions one may conclude that she has “battered women’s syndrome”.  Even though there is no medical research supporting that term, she definitely falls under the description.


What suggestions would you give these two women in  this particular relationship?  The main question to answer is should they stay or should they go?


Word of advice: “ When someone shows you who they are, believe them!”


Enough Said,


Dr. O

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