Dr.O Gives 2 Thumbs Up to Whitney Houston’s Performance in Sparkle


Once again for the very last time Whitney Houston performed and graced the big screen.  The character she portrayed was the church going mother of 3 beautiful talented young girls, who could SANG!  The movie took you through every emotion you could possibly feel.   The storyline was great! With such a star studded cast you would think it would end up being too cheesy, but it was the exact opposite.  Each role and actor was chosen carefully, and it was evident.  Jordan Sparks took on her role and made it her own.  From tears to soulful singing, Jordan performed and out did any performance she has ever done in the past.  Even though this may be the forte of Whitney’s Career this is definitely the rocket start to Jordan’s singing and acting career.

A lot of Whitney’s struggles were portrayed throughout the movie.  Drug addiction being one of them. The movie was almost a splitting image of her life.  From the gospel singing mother, too the prominent singing career, the cocaine addiction, the abusive relationships, the concept of going after your dreams, and the overall theme of FAITH.

She was beautiful, stunning and exuded self-confidence. I must say that Whitney was a fighter until the end. Despite what her critics may have to say, she fought the good fight. Her performance in this movie is stellar to me. I am sure the critics will have a lot to say both good and bad, but Whitney what a way to go out!

Take a look at the Trailer and tell me what you think.

If you get the opportunity to see the movie over the weekend feel free to comment below and tell me what you think.

  1. Do you think Whitney did a good job?
  2. Was she beautiful in this motion picture?
  3. Despite the controversies, didn’t she make us ALL proud?
  4. Does the movie bring-up mixed emotions of both happiness and sadness for you?
  5. Will you hit-up the movie on its first weekend out?

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