Flava Flav Accused of Threatening Fiancée’s Son with Knives

Well, it looks like legendary rapper Flava Flav (real name William Drayton Jr) is public enemy number one right now as he was arrested Wednesday for alleged assault with a deadly weapon.

According to E! News, Flav had an argument with his fiancée, Elizabeth Trujillo after she accused him of infidelity. The scuff was apparently violent because Truijillo had an earring snatched off and was then shoved to the ground. When her 17 teen year-old son came to her defense, Flav allegedly chased him with two knives up some stairs while threatening his life.

Photo courtesy of http://newsone.com/2063203/flavor-flav-fiancee-liz-trujillo-domestic-violence-arrest/

 E! News also reported that Flav was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence but was released from jail after posting $23, 000 bail and was due in court today.

Why do you think Flav resorted to physical violence when confronted with infidelity? Tell me your thoughts. In the mean time, see what my new book “Am I in a Bad Relationship?” has to say about abusive relationships.

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