Are You Being Rude at Holiday Parties?

Most of us would like to think that we know how to behave at parties and other social gatherings whether it be for an office or Christmas party at your home. Don’t eat too much, maintain your alcohol consumption and be polite. All good etiquette tactics and although they may seem like common sense to some, everyone is not aware of them, which can come off as rudeness.

For instance, Yahoo! Shine reported that it’s not really a good idea to enter someone’s party without a gift for the host. They may say “don’t bring anything” or “no, just come and enjoy” but the proper thing to do is to ignore their instructions and show up with some sort of small token of appreciation. Shine also advised employees not to be too friendly with co-workers in front of their significant other. The two of you may be “buddy, buddy” on the job but its unlikely that your co-worker has informed their mate of that.

Below are a few more etiquette tips from experts.

As reported by Yahoo! Shine:

Complaining about how busy you are.
“It’s annoying when someone whines about her hectic life during the holiday season,” says Majcher. “It implies that she thinks she’s Superwoman, and that the party is lucky to have her for 10 minutes.” Everyone has demanding schedules this time of year, so give it a rest. Avoid complaining altogether, for that matter. Party conversation should be upbeat.

Hanging around the kitchen-or other places you’re not welcome.
Unless a hostess asks for help, stay out of the kitchen. “People tend to congregate where food is being prepared, but they usually get in the way,” says Smith. Most often, the hostess wants you in the living room or dining room. “If that’s where she’s decorated or put out platters, that’s where she expects you to be,” adds Smith. Creeping around upstairs or going on a self-guided tour is also in poor taste. And please-no snooping behind closed doors!

Check out the full list of party tips here.

These tips are quite subtle so it’s understandable if some of them are unfamiliar to you. The majority is aware of the fact that it’s a definite “no, no” to get stupid, sloppy drunk in front of their boss or to gobble up the all the food at the buffet before everyone has been served.

Take these tips to heart and you’ll be the ideal guest at any shindig.

-AskDrO Staff

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