A Groupie’s Dream Come True

The world of fame seems to be a great life for those outside it. Professional athletes, entertainers, and actresses/actors together  have enough money to stop world hunger for the next 30 years and live lavish lives that many people only dream about. But with all that fame and fortune, it’s important to remember that everything that glitters ain’t gold. Hollywood is practically divorce central. We hear reports of our favorite stars breaking up all the time. Due to celebrities large income, they often have accounts and teams to help keep track of their finances but sometimes those people take advantage of their access and then end up mismanaging money or paying out too much, leaving the stars with little to nothing (remember how the girl group TLC made all that money and barely saw a dime for all their hard work?).

Another big issue associated with fame is infidelity. Celebrities travel and meet new people all the time. When they’re working, they are often away from home for an extended period of time and many of them fall prey to temptation, such as groupies. For example, the sports world is notorious for having mistresses and cheating scandals (a few weeks back we informed you of the possibility of pro golfer Tiger Woods and his ex-wife possibly re-uniting after he cheated with a slew of women). Speaking of falling prey to groupies,  a website by the name of FakeaBaby.com, have made a one stop shop for groupies seeking to trap celebrities with a baby!

According to Bossip, the website offers all the essentials to having a baby up until it’s time to give birth. The website offers everything from fake positive pregnancy tests,  a variety of sizes in  fake baby bumps, fake DNA tests, newspaper announcements and to top it all off, offers a service that impersonate a real lab that will send back DNA results after the baby is born. My question is, are they selling black market babies too?

You may have laughed after reading that, but the sad truth is that many women make a job out of trying to get impregnated by a celebrity because if they succeed, she and her baby will usually live a comfortable life at the expense of the baby daddy. Families would be destroyed and trust would be lost, but the groupies dream will have finally come true. All her hard work of stalking and partying with ballers and rappers will pay off with a guilty baby bump.

What do think about this fake baby making factory?

Dr. O

Picture source: http://therealdefeye.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/thus-the-only-problem-with-groupies-is-the-stds/

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