Baby For Sale?

It’s not uncommon for parents to become overwhelmed with their kids. Children take up a lot of time and work and you have to be dedicated to the job.It’s fine if you want to go away with your husband or girlfriends for a weekend get-a-way to help clear your mind and relax but when it’s time to do that, send the kids to their grandparent’s house, don’t sell them away to strangers!

According to Black Media Scoop,  Natisha Hillard, 24, of  Gary, Indiana  sold her one and a half year old daughter online through a dating service to man who conducted child pornography and molestation. Hillard is being charged for selling her daughter and for knowing the child “would be portrayed in a visual depiction assisting another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct”.

BMS reported that Hillard sold her child to 39 year old Christopher Bour for an undisclosed amount and is being charged “with production of child pornography, purchasing a child for production of child pornography and possession of child pornography”. All of which are felonies.

Bour was caught through a sting operation. The FBI received a tip from one of his friends about what he was doing. The friend was a massage therapist who visited Burs home to give him massages. The unidentified friend told the FBI that she witnessed child porn on Bour’s computer. She also said that Bour had sent her dirty text messages asking if she wanted to watch him “play with a baby”. After she  went to the authorities, agents took over to catch him.

As reported by Black Media Scoop:

In extremely explicit transcripts included in the court docket, Bour describes his love of young children and what he liked to do with them sexually. “Its the best sex I ever had,” he is quoted as having written. At least three video files, all with obscene titles and depicting sex with prepubescent boys and girls, were found on Bour’s computer, the FBI said. Image files specifically showing Bour engaging in such behavior were also recovered, the FBI said.

Bour and Hillard are set to be arraigned on Monday.

Another sad case of neglect and abuse   on children. What do you think about this? Is this how the black market works now?

Dr. O

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