Could I be Depressed?

Oftentimes, people come and go to their physical doctor with a lot of vague complaints. However, after an expensive work-up, in about 80% of reported cases, there are no true physical impairments. This is not to downplay that diabetes, hypertension and thyroid conditions aren’t real but many people are simply DEPRESSED and really don’t want to admit it to themselves.

Just a brief review of some of the cardinal signs/symptoms of depression: 1) 2 straight weeks of a depressed mood or lack of interest in any and all activities, 2) Too much sleep or too little sleep, 3) Feelings of guilt and or hopelessness, 4) Lack of energy or what us physicians call anergia, 5) Concentration problems, 6) Eating too little or a little too much, 7) Agitated or Fatigued (retarded),  and last but not least 8) Suicidal ideas or a plan. It is important to note that suicidal idealization, thoughts or a plans is considered a MEDICAL EMERGENCY and if any of your friends or family members mention this issue or process to you, immediately call 911. If you have at least (5) of the above symptoms with either 1 or 2 being present for at least 2 weeks, you should seek medical attention. Do people die from depression? The answer is yes but the method is usually suicide. It is important to note that suicide completion usually fluctuates between the 8 and or 9th leading cause of death in America.


Just the other day, someone asked me how can I be depressed I have a good job, money in the bank and pretty fair family supports. Well, please be reminded that Depression, as well as, other mental illness DO have a genetic component. Well Dr. O, “What do you mean?” I am simply saying



You could possibly be a good candidate for the Black Hole of Depression. Yes, I referred to it as a Black Hole because to many it is that they cannot get out of on their own. Untreated depression is one of the leading sources of missed days at work. We have to be careful with that call-out one a week employee, they may just be depressed.  Many patients call it a Black Hole because they cannot find their way out on their own. They usually complain about difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, decreased libidinal energy and sometimes even carbohydrate craving(potato chips, cookies, cakes, etc.).


A lot of you have read this post and now you are thinking, what should I do if I am depressed?


1.  Seek immediate medical attention to be sure that it is what it is and nothing else masking as what it ain’t.


2.  Alert your family members and ask them have they noticed any changes in you.


3. Weight yourself to check for unexpected weight gain or weight loss.


4. Check your attendance record at work. If you have been missing 1-2 days per month, you might be depressed.

5.  What do you think about all day? (ruminating thoughts of your own death is a bad sign).



You can also go do my website at and take a brief diagnostic test that may give you a little more information about your possibility of having any type of mental disorder. However, please be advised that no matter how many online tests or evaluations that you attempt to take or take, nothing can take the place of a face-to-face evaluation from a licensed mental health provider, preferably a Psychiatrist.

I hope this post has been helpful…Any questions for me- go ahead, I’ll try to answer some basic questions. However, anything that is really up-close and too personal, I am going to refer your to your personal physician for more direct guidance. Moreover, if you are feeling hopeless or suicidal NOW, get off this post and call 911 immediately.


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